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Who Needs Your New Address?

Changing your address takes time, but it’s much easier to deal with it before any problems arise from missing mail. We know it’s difficult to keep track of all the places you need to update your address amid the chaos of moving into a new home, so here’s a checklist to make it a little easier.

Not all the organizations and agencies on this list will apply to you. Some of the urls are relevant regardless of where you move to/from, some only concern Washington State, and others only concern King County. For the purpose of this checklist, we’re assuming you live in the city of Seattle.



Post Office

Notifying the post office online will forward any mail sent to your old place to your new one for 12 months. You can set it for a specific start date, so you should do this at least a week before moving day—any later and there may be a gap between when you move and when your mail forwarding can begin.



Voter Registration – Update your address no later than 29 days before election day. 


State tax agency – Not needed in Washington State

County tax assessment office – For King County property taxes

Social Security


Parenting Plan – For shared custody arrangements in Washington State

Department of Veteran’s Affairs

U.S. Customs and Immigration Service

Pet licensing




Employer – Even if your manager and coworkers know about your move, you still need to file the proper paperwork with HR

Bank and/or credit unions

Credit card companies

Loan providers


Pension plans, IRA, and 401k administrators 

All other investment accounts

Account/Tax specialist

Credit reporting agencies



Homeowner/Renter’s insurance

Health insurance

Dental insurance

Life insurance

Auto insurance



Electric Seattle City Light

Water, sewer, and garbage Seattle Public Utility


TV, home phone, and Internet

Cell phone


Home Services

Lawn care

Cleaning service

Home security

Pest control


Memberships and Subscriptions

Magazines, newspapers, and newsletters

Delivery services – Hello Fresh, Imperfect Produce, Prime Now, Domino’s, etc.

Online shopping – Amazon, eBay, etc.

Store membership – Costco, Sam’s Club, etc.

Other membership organizations – AAA, AARP, ACLU, etc.

Google Maps and other navigation apps


Personal Services





Babysitter or nanny




Friends and family – Even if they know you’re moving, they’ll want your new address

Schools and daycares


Kids’ clubs and sports teams


Social clubs and civic clubs

Alumni groups

Charities and nonprofits you support


Real Estate Gals

Make sure we have all your new contact information!