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Triple Success!

Posted by Johnine Larsen on June 10, 2015
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Success! That’s a rare word for buyers in this crazy Seattle market. But we just helped three clients succeed in buying homes in one of the toughest price ranges in the city—and all of them were fierce multiple offer scenarios.

Thanks to our 25 years of experience, we beat the competition. A lot of competition. One house had 8 offers, the second had 10, and the third had 21. 21!!! The times are tough, indeed.


We helped our buyers win these houses even though they didn’t offer the most money, because it isn’t just about money—it’s about a robust, reliable offer. An offer like that is something you can only get through experience. It’s something you can only get through a seasoned real estate team.

That’s how we won those three houses. It takes:



We knew how to write an offer with the most appealing terms. That included variables like inspections, closing period, down payment, and earnest money. They all mattered, and we knew what each seller wanted most.


When you work in Seattle as a full-service real estate team for 25 years, you build relationships with everyone in the business. We knew how each listing agent liked to operate, and we knew how to work smoothly and professionally with each one.


After 25 years in the business, other agents know that our offers will get to closing. They know we’re reliable and professional, and they know we educate our clients. An offer from us won’t fall through last-minute, and it won’t be missing anything. Our clients were a sure bet.


Seattle’s real estate market is intimidating. But don’t despair! Even in this crazy market, our real estate team has the experience and the relationships to make homeownership a reality.