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The Castle in the North

Posted by Johnine Larsen on February 25, 2019
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A private castle rules over twenty acres near Sedro-Woolley. It’s a very castle-y castle, with all the appropriate royal features: battlements, turrets, LOTS of stone, and a narrow bridge spanning a canyon. It looks like it belongs in a fairytale. Europe, at the very least.


This 2,972-square-foot castle is a private home. It’s changed hands a few times in the past decade; it’s estimated value fluctuates like a seismometer on a fault line. The castle has listed for $1.4 million, and sold once for $782k—it seems no one knows how to accurately assess castles on this side of the feudal system. It’s currently off the market.


Unlike its medieval counterparts, this castle hasn’t even reached its twentieth birthday. It was built in 1997, and the builders took no shortcuts. The castle comes with copper-plated doors, a wood-heated hot tub, and—well, take a look for yourself (photos below).

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The twenty-acre property also includes a salmon-stocked creek and a natural waterfall that flows into a natural bathing pool. Strange homes of all sorts exist in this part of the country, hidden in the woods, or sometimes even tucked away in plain sight. To say the least, keeping up with all new real estate listings can be one of the most interesting, unexpected parts of my job!