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7 Fake Cities

Feb 22, 2022
You’ve probably seen this one. You’ve seen the handful of houses, the 1950s mannequins. You’ve seen the motionless [more]
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Seattle v. 5 Star Wars Cities

Dec 29, 2015
The Force Awakens has received glowing reviews, and everyone is feeling The Force flow through them. It’s a perfect time to look back on the old Star Wars we’ve known and loved for years, to remember [more]
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Seahawks’ 5 Biggest (Non-Game) Plays

Jan 20, 2015
Just when we didn’t think we could love the Seahawks any more, they go and have a game like Sunday’s. That impossib [more]
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The 5 Point Cafe

Dec 19, 2014
If you’re in need of a truly “Seattle” dive bar experience, head over to 415 Cedar Street. The 5 Point Cafe h [more]
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The “We Love Seattle” Winners!

Dec 09, 2014
The votes are in, and we have our winners! We received so many good submissions, we decided to give out a few extra [more]
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Giving Thanks

Nov 28, 2014
We have a lot to be thankful for, we Real Estate Gals. So with our stomachs full of turkey and our voices still hoa [more]
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A Day with the Gals: Friends

Apr 24, 2014
Lauren and her husband made a list. Portland, Boston, Seattle. A few other cities, too. The couple had good jobs, t [more]
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