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The Best of Brutalism: Freeway Park

Jul 04, 2016
Brutalist architecture looks ugly. Exposed concrete and featureless slabs. Boring, but obtrusively so. The architec [more]
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Activate Westlake Park

Jul 07, 2015
Westlake Park is the place to be this summer, thanks to a partnership between the city and several downtown organiz [more]
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Luna Park

Jun 15, 2015
You can still see them, once every decade. An army of pilings sunk in the tide flats off West Seattle. They stay su [more]
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Seattle Parks: Johnine’s Favorite Dog Park

Apr 21, 2015
Can you guess Johnine’s favorite dog park? Here are some hints: 80+ acres of trails and open space 4 acres(!) for o [more]
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Seattle Parks: Schmitz Park

Apr 14, 2015
Seattle has it all. Beautiful waterfront? Check. Bustling nightlife? Check. Old-growth forest? Check. That’s right, [more]
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Seattle Parks: Oxbow Park

Apr 08, 2015
Sorry, Texas. The world’s biggest cowboy hat and boots belong to us. Georgetown’s Oxbow Park, to be specific. It’s [more]
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Sibling Rivalry

Sep 30, 2014
Kerry Park and Parsons Garden are Queen Anne’s most beloved pair of siblings. The two sit only a few blocks apart, [more]
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Seattle’s Rooftop Park

Sep 19, 2014
You don’t need Amazon stock to afford a skyscraper view of Seattle. All you need is a free half hour and the guts t [more]
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The Urban Waterfall

Sep 05, 2014
Pioneer Square has a secret waterfall. This hidden gem is twenty-two feet high, flows over granite boulders, and is [more]
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West Seattle’s New Pocket Park

Aug 05, 2014
We Real Estate Gals like parks. They give neighborhoods personality, get people outside, and make community happen. [more]
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The Guy Who Single-Handedly Made Phinney Rid...

Jul 10, 2014
Before Guy Carleton Phinney (1851-1893) came to Seattle, the land west of Green Lake was wilderness. You might have [more]
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Gals in the Neighborhood: Gas (Fire)Works Pa...

Jul 01, 2014
If you’re in Seattle for Fourth of July, Gas Works Park has your back. It’s the place for freedom festivities. Flag [more]
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