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North Seattle Home Prices Rise 42 Percent

Mar 15, 2016
Home prices are up. Way up. Central Seattle and Beacon Hill both saw their median home price climb nearly 40 percen [more]
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State of the Market: Winter Report

Jan 20, 2016
Seattle’s real estate market keeps setting records. For sellers, all this record-setting feels like the work of Mic [more]
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A Seller’s Market!

Oct 02, 2015
Seattle homes have appreciated 6.6% in the past year. Some neighborhoods have even experienced double-digit appreci [more]
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Don’t Do This

Apr 29, 2015
Don’t do this: Don’t pay $717,000 for a 3-bed, 1-bath house. Don’t pay $158,000 above asking for a 1,100 sq-ft home [more]
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State of the Market Address

Apr 17, 2015
It’s a once-in-a-generation real estate market in Seattle this year, with record-low inventory and unbelievable pri [more]
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Gals Tell It Straight

Apr 09, 2015
Just last week, Johnine talked a Wedgwood client out of moving. A husband and wife wanted to partner with us to sel [more]
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A Day with the Gals: “Trust Me”

Apr 08, 2014
Johnine had shown Carol more than a hundred houses. Their partnership had lasted a full year—longer than a year, in [more]
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