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Seattle’s Floating Stadium

May 31, 2016
People know Seattle for the Space Needle. That, and all the water. Puget Sound, Lake Union, Lake Washington. Rain. [more]
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The Bogue Plan – A Better Seattle

May 12, 2016
Seattle voters authorized a Municipal Plans Commission on March 8, 1910. The city was growing, and they needed a ga [more]
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The Forgotten Space Needle: PHOTO ESSAY

Apr 14, 2016
We’ve all memorized the Space Needle, and to be honest, it doesn’t really excite me that much anymore ( [more]
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Battle of the Big Tunnels

Jan 21, 2016
Bertha isn’t Seattle’s first major tunnel project. Almost 100 tunnels totaling 40 miles lie beneath our city, inclu [more]
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Seattle Underground

Jan 13, 2016
The Seattle Underground. Home of prostitutes, speakeasies, opium dens, and rats. Infamous. Abandoned. And yet—the s [more]
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Luna Park

Jun 15, 2015
You can still see them, once every decade. An army of pilings sunk in the tide flats off West Seattle. They stay su [more]
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What’s In a Name? Maple Leaf

Nov 18, 2014
Settlers first moved to the Maple Leaf Neighborhood in the 1890s, back when the land was a developer’s hope and a h [more]
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The Guy Who Single-Handedly Made Phinney Rid...

Jul 10, 2014
Before Guy Carleton Phinney (1851-1893) came to Seattle, the land west of Green Lake was wilderness. You might have [more]
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Edith Macefield: Legend

May 22, 2014
Remember that scene from the Disney/Pixar movie Up? The beloved old man, pressured by developers to sell his home a [more]
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Gals in the Neighborhood: Quiet Reforms

May 20, 2014
The Good Shepherd Center doesn’t appear on the five o’clock news, and it’s not a tourist destination. If you tell y [more]
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Gals in the Neighborhood: Everyone Wants Dis...

May 13, 2014
Everyone wants into Discovery Park. It’s the largest green space in Seattle, with more than 500 acres(!) and 2 mile [more]
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Gals in the Neighborhood: SLUT

Apr 29, 2014
Real Seattleites ride the SLUT. Or at least real Seattleites who work for Amazon and live near Westlake ride the SL [more]
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