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7 Fake Cities

Feb 22, 2022
You’ve probably seen this one. You’ve seen the handful of houses, the 1950s mannequins. You’ve seen the motionless [more]
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West Seattle’s FREE Outdoor Movies

Jul 11, 2016
I love summer. The parks fill up with families, people look for excuses to spend lunchbreaks outside, brave kids sw [more]
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Fremont Solstice Parade

Jun 16, 2016
One of our city’s most eclectic traditions happens this Saturday: the Fremont Solstice Parade and its naked b [more]
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West Seattle Clear Cutting

Mar 31, 2016
UPDATE: a $1.6 million lawsuit was filed in response to the illegal West Seattle tree-cutting; criminal prosecution [more]
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People on People on People

Feb 11, 2016
Seattle is now the #10 U.S. city for density. Density isn’t what usually comes to mind when most people think of ou [more]
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PARK(ing) Day

Sep 16, 2015
Good luck parking downtown tomorrow, but there’s reason to go anyway—and even more reason to bring your camera. Tom [more]
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Seattle’s Best Cheap Movie Theaters

Sep 10, 2015
Summer has ended and outdoor movies have ceased, but take heart! Fall can be fun! Although you can’t watch films un [more]
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Books on Bikes

Sep 02, 2015
Instead of those gimmicky bicycle rickshaws that carry tourists around downtown, imagine a new type of bicycle serv [more]
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Slip ‘n’ Slide Through Seattle

Jul 13, 2015
Seattle is officially fighting back. The Seattle Summer of ’15 has made us all a little hot, with muggy nights and [more]
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Seahawks’ 5 Biggest (Non-Game) Plays

Jan 20, 2015
Just when we didn’t think we could love the Seahawks any more, they go and have a game like Sunday’s. That impossib [more]
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Paseo, Paseo: What Do We Do Now?

Nov 13, 2014
Paseo has closed. You might have heard it already from the stunned news reports and neighborhood gossip that flurri [more]
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