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Our Sellers’ Story: Bettykay and Robb

Posted by Johnine Larsen on September 22, 2015
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Bettykay and Robb found us through the GSBA, and the GSBA led them to our video, and our video was enough to put the Real Estate Gals on their shortlist. They were selling their 1918 Wallingford house and moving to Arizona, and their shortlist for a real estate agent consisted of two others.

Bettykay planned to interview all three. She planned to sit down with each one, discuss a game plan, and decide from there. But after she met with Johnine, Bettykay and Rob knew.

“We couldn’t’ imagine anyone better than you,” Bettykay told Johnine. “So what’s the next step?”

The next step was getting the house in shape for the market. Bettykay and Robb already had a fully-furnished house in Arizona, so they had to get rid of all the furniture, as well as thirty-eight years of possessions and mementos. It was a big task, but Johnine was encouraging every step of the way.

We went to work. The next few weeks are best described in Bettykay’s own words:

The Real Estate Gals did and paid for a lot of things that I didn’t think were real estate agents’ normal mode of procedure. Johnine had the windows washed, she paid for the inspection so that the potential buyer wouldn’t have to do that. She paid for the plumbing inspection and the house inspection, and she arranged for all of those things to be done with no effort on my part. And she organized the staging. Johnine has a lot of connections, and those connections have come in handy more than once.

We also had a couch that was ugly, and it was so heavy that we couldn’t get it out of the door by ourselves. But Scott came with a friend, and they moved it into his truck and took it to the dump, and it was gone.

IMG_0658 (2)

The biggest thing was that we had two major maintenance issues that all of a sudden needed to be repaired. One was electrical, and one was drainage. But fortunately, (1) Johnine knew the right people, and (2) she could pull strings to get it done in five days. In one case, she said it would probably cost about $2,000, but it ended up costing less than that, and the contractor even had to do more work than we originally thought he would. Those problems got solved quickly, and that a big relief for me.

And also, encouragement. Johnine would come over and say, “You’re doing a great job,” or “This is good.” She was really encouraging, and I appreciated that.

We had many visitors, but only one offer (which was below listing price). With Scott’s help we submitted a counter-offer for the full asking price. 

We expect the buyer to accept that counter-offer soon. It’s been a pleasure working with Bettykay and Robb, and although we’re sad to see them go, we wish them the best of luck in Arizona!

  • soumak ghosh
    soumak ghosh
    00:00 14 Nov 19
    They were representing the seller and I was the buyer. Very limited communication from the agents. Waited days for a response for any email/text. Would eventually get a response after multiple follow ups. Almost cost us the deal.
    Sarah Donaldson
    Sarah Donaldson
    18:44 18 Jul 19
    Darcie was such a joy to work with. She felt like family during the sale of our house and the search for our new home. We may have found our forever home, but if we ever need a Realtor in future, Darcie from Real Estate Gals will be our first call.
    Brian Heagler
    Brian Heagler
    16:55 02 Jun 19
    I have worked with Johnine and her team for 19 years and have always received personal, knowledgeable and professional service and attention! There is never and pressure and they will guide you away from a property when appropriate, which is always appreciated when a market is hot and the tendency is to move quickly. I trust them and have never been let down!
    Anne Slater
    Anne Slater
    18:03 25 May 19
    Johnine Larsen is fabulous! She listened and came up with ways we could get what we wanted in a house and stay within our limited budget. When we found the house we wanted, she moved super fast to get the house inspected and implemented creative ideas to make our offer appealing. And out of 13 offers, we were selected and got our house. I recommend her to anyone buying a home.
    Amy Burdick
    Amy Burdick
    19:13 24 May 19
    Real Estate Gals made sure we found our perfect house! Then, when we were up against other bidders, Johnine worked tirelessly to ensure we were tops! Her extensive real estate experience combined with exceptional character and integrity provided peace of mind throughout the process. She also made sure we received the right value as a seller and got the transaction done quickly and efficiently. Simply stated: there is nobody better to help you find your dream home.
    Bill Hollman
    Bill Hollman
    22:21 19 May 19
    I'd give Real Estate Gals 6 stars if I could. We have used them multiple times, both in selling and buying homes in Seattle and the surrounding area. I can't say enough about the professionalism, knowledge, and patience they bring to the task of buying a new home, or selling your current residence. And they know the Seattle area so well, they'll offer valuable insights into the pros and cons of any location you may be to considering. Look no further, call Johnine at Real Estate Gals. You will be glad you did!
    Beth Guerra
    Beth Guerra
    01:14 18 May 19
    Johnine was a breath of fresh air in the real estate market. She listened intently to our wishes and goals, and was tireless in her search for our perfect house. She is well versed in both Seattle and the surrounding areas. She made sure all the details were taken care of after the inspection, and made the closing process seamless. She even gifted us with a housewarming present. Nearly 7 years later, we still receive holiday cards and well wishes. I highly recommend Real Estate Gals and will look no further in the future.
    Aidan Key
    Aidan Key
    15:44 17 May 19
    Johnine and the Real Estate Gals brilliantly took us through the home buying process two different times. Their willingness to educate (I was new), hear our home hopes, and support us through the process are a few of the reasons that I highly recommend this team. Speaking of a team, I love their collaborative business model - it meant that we--the home buyers--always had a returned phone call and an ability to look at a house on OUR schedule. Truly felt like they place the customer first!
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