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The Seattle Beach for Dogs

Posted by Johnine Larsen on July 24, 2017
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Only ONE beach in Seattle city limits lets dogs run off-leash. That’s Warren G. Magnuson Park in North Seattle, and it’s THE place to beat the heat with your pooch this summer.

Magnuson Park’s 8.6-acre off-leash area includes a large stretch of beach where your dog can splash, fetch, and swim to his or her heart’s content. Now that summer’s heat has finally arrived, this park is a haven for our pets.

The rest of Magnuson Park’s off-leash area is great, too. It’s the largest off-leash area in Seattle, and it comes complete with a small and shy dog area within the larger dog park. At Magnuson, you’ll find a large, mostly flat play area, a winding trail with all sorts of sniff-able distractions, and plenty of room for frisbee-catching, stick-retrieving, and flat-out springing.

My favorite part, though, is that beach. There are few things better than watching your dog charge toward the water, high-step over the first few waves, and then plunge into Lake Washington in pursuit of a rubber ball. Even when she shakes water everywhere—well, for the joy my dog gets from the water… I don’t mind a little wet-dog smell.