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Seahawks’ 5 Biggest (Non-Game) Plays

Posted by Johnine Larsen on January 20, 2015
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Just when we didn’t think we could love the Seahawks any more, they go and have a game like Sunday’s. That impossible, perfect win will send Seattle to the Super Bowl, but before we start chanting “Two in a row,” let’s revel a bit in the glory of the NFC Championship. We’ll remember that game for years and years, and for more reasons than just what happened on the field.

1) Seismic activity


The 12th Man played another groundshaking game this Sunday, solidifying CenturyLink’s reputation for not only NOISE, but jumping and stomping, too. That Wilson-to-Willson two-point conversion caused “the biggest seismic signal yet seen associated with a Seahawks game,” according to the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network. No other city watches football like Seattle watches football.

2) Ultimate Underdogs

Even some of the most die-hard fans had given up. After Wilson had just thrown an incomplete pass to Jermaine Kearse with only 3:07 left on the clock in the 4th quarter, our chances of winning had dropped to 0.1 percent. That’s not hyperbole. According to ProFootballReference.com’s probability calculators, the odds of the Packers winning had reached an almost guaranteed 99.9 percent. But then, in one of the most outstanding comebacks in football history, the Seahawks turned it around.

3) The $20,000 Touchdown Ball

Kearse redeemed himself with that OT touchdown. A game of interceptions and incomplete passes ended on the highest note possible when he caught that throw and sent us Super Bowl-bound. You might not have noticed, but after that play, Kearse threw that ball into the stands and into the lap of a lucky fan. The price people have offered for that ball? $20,000. But the guy who caught it isn’t selling it—he’s giving it back to Kearse. You can read the whole story here.

4) Bennett’s Bicycle

Seeing Bennett pedal around on a police officer’s bicycle was the icing on the cake. Amid all the celebratory screaming and hugging, I glanced at the television and saw Number 72 on—a bicycle! A cop’s bicycle!! It was goofy and heartwarming and pure Seattle.


5) 12th Man Pride

From the lights on the Space Needle to the fireworks in Fremont, from the all-day parties to the flags and facepaint, the 12th Man represented our city well. And that’s what we love most about Seattle. We’re a community here, and the Seahawks are just an excuse for us to show it.

When neighbors shout “Go Hawks” to each other across the street, when people see matching Sherman jerseys on the sidewalk and instantly strike up a conversation, when someone hangs up a 12th Man flag and all the neighbors cheer, we can’t help but smile. This is what community is all about. Sharing, laughing, and celebrating together. Knowing neighbors and building relationships. Turning a city into a home. These are the best parts about this real estate business, and we’re glad the Seahawks are making that part even better.