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We crafted a neighborhood adventure for you


App-based, team scavenger hunt

February 12–March 12

$760 in prizes

Explore Fremont, Phinney Ridge, and Woodland Park with our pandemic-safe scavenger hunt. We crafted an experience that will let you get out and discover the neighborhood by completing challenges, taking photos, and answering trivia questions to compete for prizes.

Fastest completion

$25 at Ken’s Market

Bonus prize

$15 at Fresh Flours Bakery

Bonus prize

$25 at Greenwood Hardware

Bonus prize

$25 at Red Mill Burgers


$100 at PCC Community Markets

*Each team member receives a prize. Example: if a team of 3 people wins the Red Mill bonus prize, that team receives a total of $75 at Red Mill Burgers.

Everyone can play!

February 12 through March 12

  1. Form a team of 1–4 people
  2. Download the GooseChase app and select “Play as guest”
  3. Input game code 8ZBME6
  4. Enter the game password REG
  5. Create your player name and set your team’s access code
  6. To add teammates, each teammate can follow the steps above and use your access code to join your team. If you forget your access code, you can find it by clicking the gear icon in the top-right corner of the app.
  7. Start completing missions!