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A Day with the Gals: Saving Lives

Posted by Johnine Larsen on June 26, 2014
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423px-Ella_the_Cavapoo_puppy“I can’t tell you how many dogs we’ve picked up over the years,” Johnine said.

She has a rule: “If I see an animal in danger, I have to stop and help.”

And Johnine sees a lot of animals who need saving. Dogs often escape their yards and wander through the streets with no leash, no owner, and often not even a collar. The thought of one of those dogs walking into traffic and getting hit is not a thought Johnine likes to entertain. So Johnine does something about it.

Not too long ago, she was touring homes in Roosevelt with two long-time clients when she saw a furry football shape dart across the street. It was a tiny poodle mix, and it was alone. It had just run out in the street in front of one car, and that meant there was a good chance it was going to do it again. And unlike cats, dogs don’t come equipped with nine lives.

Luckily, the clients in Johnine’s car had partnered with her for a long time. They were animal-lovers, too, and after all the time the three of them had worked together, they all felt like friends. So Johnine asked if she could stop and help the dog, and of course, the clients said yes. They laughed a little, too—it’s not every day your real estate agent stops the car and chases down a tiny poodle to check the collar.

“He has a phone number!” Johnine shouted.

Johnine read the tag and called the owner. The owner lived just four blocks away, and he happened to be home, so Johnine asked her clients for one more favor:

“Can we drive him home?”

Again, they said yes. The clients climbed into the back seat so the dog could ride shotgun. Then Johnine drove the four blocks to the dog’s house and carried it to the front door, where dog and owner reunited happily. No disaster happened that day.