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Seattle Breaks 122-Year-Old Rain Record

Posted by Johnine Larsen on April 24, 2017
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Sure, our city—which is already known for rain and grayness and Seasonal Affective Disorder—just broke a 122-year-old record for rainfall. And yes, yes, I know this has been the wettest October through April stretch we’ve experienced since 1895 (when rain record-keeping began), a highwater mark from way back when Seattle looked like this:

But… aren’t all these “Wettest ever!” headlines a little sensationalist?

Our brand-new, record-setting rainfall has totaled 44.67 inches. If you’re like me, that number doesn’t mean much—so let’s give it some context. Since October 1:

  • New York City has received 25 inches.
  • Portland, Oregon has received 53 inches.
  • Quillayute, Washington (on the Olympic Peninsula) has received over 116 inches.

Our all-time wettest year doesn’t look so wet from that perspective. Compared to other parts of Washington, Seattle even looks like a veritable desert! And I, for one, love that. We’re getting close to summer in Seattle, which is my favorite time of year in my favorite place—and no sensationalist, “Ugh, it’s so rainy there!” can damped this season.

This is the season of patio cocktails, bonfires, water parks, and summer reading. This is the time to replace old outdoor furniture, plant new flowers, and enjoy the yard. I’m thrilled!

As always, if you’re looking for ideas for how to make the most of your backyard sanctuary this spring, or how to improve your home’s curb appeal this summer—or if you just want to hear about fun outdoor activities from someone who’s known this city very well for more than 25 years… give me a call! I’d love to hear from you!