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Noisy Neighbors

Posted by Johnine Larsen on October 26, 2015
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Quiet neighbors and a peaceful environment often influence our clients’ home-buying decisions. At some point or another, we’ve all experienced living near that obnoxious house of college kids who party wayyy too late every weekend. Some of us might have even been those obnoxious college kids back in the day!

When you buy a house for the long-term, though, most people don’t want to hear traffic and shouting 24/7. Most people want something a little more secluded, a little more private.

Well, the numbers are in. Trulia made an animated map of Seattle’s volume, basing it on police data about noise complaints. The map uses about 5 years worth of information, and there’s a really cool animated version available here.

The noisiest neighborhoods, as we expected, turned out to be: Downtown, Capitol Hill, and the University District. These are great places for a night out, but NOT so great for raising a family.

The quietest neighborhoods are: Magnolia, Broadview, and Windermere. You’ll find peace aplenty in these areas, but as far as vibrancy and community goes… not so much.

Most homebuyers are looking for something between these two ends of the spectrum, which is where we come in. We find out everything our clients want in their future home, and we show them homes that fit their future lifestyle ideally. We take the time to learn about hopes and dreams, personalities, hobbies, and plans for raising a family. Buying a home is about our clients’ future, and that’s something we take seriously.


PS: When you compare Seattle to New York City, our city sounds downright peaceful.

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