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No Air Conditioning, No Problem

Posted by Johnine Larsen on July 23, 2018
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Odds are, your house in Seattle doesn’t have air conditioning. Only 33.7% of Seattle-area households come equipped with A/C, far below the national average of 89%.

In fact, of the 41 metro areas included in the Census Bureau’s American Housing Survey, Seattle is dead last when it comes to air-conditioning. To truly take in how much hotter our houses feel than the rest of the country’s, the #3 lowest air-conditioned metro area is Portland, at 69.9%. Meanwhile, we’re sweltering with just 33.7%.

In heat like this summer’s, homeowners and renters alike need relief. It’s hot. It’s too hot. Here are some tips we’ve collected (the ones in bold are ones we think are actually practical. Some of the others… well, they made us chuckle).


Real Estate Gals’ Air Conditioning Alternatives

• Open the windows at night, close them in the morning and draw and the shades. This will lock in cool air.

• Dip your clothes in water, put them in the freezer, and put them back on just before they get frozen and crusty.

• Spritz the bed sheets with water and then let a fan blow over them.

• Go for a swim, and keep wearing your damp swimsuit until bedtime.

• Run the dishwater early in the evening so the heat can vent out over night.

• Lie on the hardwood floor with a wet towel over your stomach.

• Keep the refrigerator full, even if you just put in jugs of water. The larger the thermal mass, the less work (and heat) the fridge needs to do.

• Hose down the roof and exterior of your house after sundown to lower your house’s interior temperature “by a good 10 degrees.”

• Mist down the your driveway or apartment patio just after sunset.

• Cover south and west facing windows with aluminum foil.