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New Year, New Bars

Posted by Johnine Larsen on January 8, 2015
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We see a lot of people relocating to Seattle for work, or family, or simply a change of life. It’s a hard thing to do, much of the time; not many people like being “the new kid.”

The same goes for small businesses. Starting out in a city is tough and intimidating, and too often, some of the best new stores and restaurants pass unnoticed.

So with this New Year, we’re bringing attention to some of Seattle’s newcomers. We found five recently established bars all very much worth patronizing—The Bergschrund, 500 East, The Westy, Bitter Raw, and Good Bar. Let’s welcome these newcomers to Seattle and celebrate the New Year in style!


The Bergschrund

the-bergschrundGo for: The MICROBREWERY

Neighborhood: Ballard

Opened: Dec, 19, 2014

What They Say: “A new tap room located a half block south of NW Peaks brewery in Ballard. The tap list will feature almost exclusively NW Peaks beers with 1 handle dedicated to a rotating guest tap and 1 handle dedicated to a rotating cider.” (source)

What We Say: The Bergschrund is family-friendly, and they make good on their goal to feel inviting. You can order pizza along with their drinks, or you can bring in your own food, either from the food truck parked permanently outside or from another source. The hours here are curretly limited, but if The Bergschrund gets enough success, we hope to see that Open sign more often.

Address: 4818 17th Ave NW, Seattle, Washington 98107

Website: http://nwpeaksbrewery.com/bergschrund/

Hours: Thu-Fri: 4:00 pm – 10:00 pm  |  Sat: 2:00 pm – 10:00 pm  |  Sun: 12:00 pm – 8:00 pm


500 East

500-eastGo for: The BEER

Neighborhood: Capitol Hill

Opened: Nov. 26, 2014

What They Say: “We’re not some big corporation, just a couple guys with families, jobs and mortgages, who love having fun and decided to make a go at it professionally. … We’re cooking from scratch, sourcing as much as we can locally and really looking forward to making this place into what Cap Hill deserves.” (source)

What We Say: So long, World of Beer! 500 East Pine St. used to be the 45th link in that Florida-based chain until the owners went rogue. Okay, maybe not quite that dramatic, but the owners did buy out their bar from World of Beer and turn it into their own, independent 500 East. The place still offers a phenomenal number of draft beers, but that offering now has a distinct local bias. The food is more locally-sourced, too. You’ll also find more ciders on tap, and even wine on tap ($3.50/glass during happy hour). And as a final bonus, the cocktails got more creative, too. Independence has been good for 500 East Pine St.

Address: 500 East Pine Street, Seattle, WA 98122

Website: http://www.500eastsh.com

Hours: Mon–Thurs: 3:00 pm – 1:00 am  |  Fri–Sat: 1:00 pm – 2:00 am  |  Sun: 11:30 am – 1:00 am


The Westy

the-westyGo for: The SPORTS

Neighborhood: West Seattle (Gatewood)

Opened: Nov. 26, 2014

What They Say: “The Westy is not just another ‘sports bar’, but a premiere sports viewing experience accompanied by elevated pub-grub, great beers, and full bar. With 16 TVs and the option to view up to 8 different games, you aren’t going to come in and find the same game on every TV. We strive to showcase all sports for the discerning fan’s sporting needs.” (source)

What We Say: The Westy makes a strong claim for West Seattle’s best sports bar, and we have to admit it’s pretty convincing. The place has sixteen TVs, skeeball, shuffleboard, and a private room for parties or meetings. It’s good food and good beer (12 taps!), and it’s open until 2 a.m. But what makes The Westy so impressive is its attention to detail. Check under the bar, and you’ll find purse hooks and power outlets with USB slots for charging your phone. When a bar does little things like that, it means something.

Address: 7908 35th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98126

Website: http://thewestyseattle.com

Hours: Mon– Frid: 11 am – 2 am  |  Sat–Sun: 9 am – 2 am



 bitter-rawGo for: The FOOD

Neighborhood: Capitol Hill

Opened: Dec. 4, 2014

What They Say: “Bitter Raw is Lark’s new bar, housed in the upstairs mezzanine at Lark. Bitter Raw features an extensive list of crudo and charcuterie, a full wine and beer list, and specialty amaro-influenced cocktails. A Fresh Sheet with the latest offerings of oysters and shellfish is also available, available a la carte or platters. Stop in for a drink before dinner at Lark, or come for the full experience upstairs.” (source)

What We Say: If you come to Bitter/Raw, order food. Either from Bitter/Raw itself, where you can get raw oysters, clams, caviar, and other delicacies, or from its partner-restaurant Lark, long renowned for its delicious offerings. The atmosphere in this place is incredible, thanks in part to a starfield of Edison lightbulbs hanging from the ceiling. Expect class, and dress appropriately.

Address: 952 E Seneca St., Seattle, WA 98122

Website: https://larkseattle.com/bitter-raw

Hours: 5 pm – 11 pm seven nights a week


Good Bar

good-barGo for: The COCKTAILS

Neighborhood: Pioneer Square

Opened: Nov. 22, 2014

What They Say: “A really good bar with classic cocktails, an extensive beer list, a thoughtful wine program and friendly, detailed service. Our food is straightforward and delicious, always made from quality ingredients.” (source)

What We Say: After the mixed drinks, our favorite part about this place is the building itself. You’ll find Good Bar in the 114-year-old Pacific Commercial Bank building, a location complete with a mezzanine, columns, and working vault doors. Order classic cocktails from the marble-topped bar, and make sure to try the sloppy joe, Good Bar’s unexpected and exceptional signature food item. Another perk to this place: views of the secret-ish Waterfall Garden Park.

Address: 240 2nd Ave. S, Seattle, WA 98104

Website: http://www.goodbarseattle.com/

Hours: 4 pm-close, seven days a week