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Mike D., Buyer, 2015

Posted by Johnine Larsen on May 29, 2015
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msJohnine was very highly recommended to me by a friend and I’ve never looked back. It’s rare to find someone with as much honesty and integrity as Johnine does, and after searching for a house with her and Scott for 6+ months, I would trust them with just about anything.

Even though I had confused criteria and a difficult time even choosing an area to focus on, I never felt rushed or pressured to buy. Johnine and Scott were always available to show me places and to discuss my thoughts. Johnine was very good at doing a free mini-inspection for every place that I was halfway serious about. Sometimes she would find issues that would have been a real problem and we were able to escape without much effort. Other times, if the place really had a clean bill of health, she let me know that (but still never pressured me).

The thing that has further impressed me is that, even after I bought the house, Johnine has been totally available to me to help me find contractors to do work, answer really basic first-time homebuyer questions like how to get a new mailbox setup with the post office and how to apply sealant to shower caulking, and even to help with design ideas. I’m blown away by the follow-through. She doesn’t have to do it, but she cares so much that she does.

100% recommended.