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The “We Love Seattle” Winners!

Posted by Johnine Larsen on December 9, 2014
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The votes are in, and we have our winners! We received so many good submissions, we decided to give out a few extra prizes. Here are the winning shots:

1st Place

Tamra Pontow3
Tamra Pontow
40 votes
$100 to Ethan Stowell Restaurants


2nd Place (tie) 


Mel Briggs

19 votes
$50 to Tutta Bella 

2nd Place (tie)


Sonja Sivesind

19 votes
$50 to Tutta Bella


3rd Place


Laurie Boroughs

14 votes
$25 to Red Mill Burgers


3rd Place (bonus prize!)


Lolly Bates

7 votes
$25 to Red Mill Burgers




Gals’ Choice Prizes

Calvin Bulthuis1

Calvin Bulthuis

$5 to Cafe Javasti
stuart_williams1 stuart_williams2

Stuart Williams

$10 to Cafe Javasti
Sue Larsen1

Sue Larsen

$5 to Cafe Javasti

Thanks to everyone who participated! We thought the contest was a blast. We’ll host another contest in January, so if you missed this one, you have another chance!