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Sibling Rivalry

Posted by Johnine Larsen on September 30, 2014
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Kerry Park and Parsons Garden are Queen Anne’s most beloved pair of siblings. The two sit only a few blocks apart, and you can spot the similarities in an instant. Both within walking distance of the Space Needle. Both with million-dollar views. Both well worth a visit. But these dime-sized parks are far from identical. Kerry Park and Parsons Garden are siblings like Cain and Able, each with a complete personality of its own (minus the whole murder thing). Have a favorite?

Kerry Park

Kerry Park

Photo by Real Estate Gals

Where: 3rd Ave & W Highland Dr.

Size: 1.26 acres

Hours: 24 hours

Established: 1927

History: Donated to the city by Mr. and Mrs. Albert Sperry Kerry, Sr., “So that all who stop here may enjoy this view.”


Photo by Russavia

Features: You’ve seen photos from this park. Guaranteed. This is the view of Seattle. From Kerry Park, the Space Needle, downtown, and Mt. Rainier line up perfectly. And to the west, you can enjoy gorgeous views of Elliott Bay.

Popularity: Expect a crowd, and expect most of them to have cameras. But the place is popular for a reason. And despite the crowds, roadside parking is easy to find.

The Million-Dollar View:


Photo by Bala Sivakumar

Recommended Equipment: Your favorite camera.

Best Person to Bring: A friend visiting Seattle for the first time.

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Parsons Garden


Photo by Joe Mabel

Where: 7th Ave W & W Highland Dr.

Size: 0.4 acres

Hours: 6 a.m. – 10 p.m.

Established: 1956

History: Mr. and Mrs. Reginald H. Parsons’ family garden since 1905, donated to the city by their children.


Photo by Joe Mabel

Features: Beautiful flowers, a short trail, and a few benches. It’s a quiet space, but in the city, those quiet spaces are few and far between. And this particular quiet space is one of Queen Anne’s most relaxing.

Popularity: Few people know about this park, and even fewer show up. It’s Queen Anne’s hidden gem. The place feels like a private garden, pretty and peaceful.

The Million-Dollar View:


Photo by Joe Mabel

Recommended Equipment: A book of nature poetry.

Best Person to Bring: Your significant other or that special someone.

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Both parks are spectacular; you can’t go wrong with either Kerry Park or Parsons Garden. But the best news? You don’t have to pick. The siblings sit only four blocks apart–so do both!