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Keela W., Seller, 2014

Posted by Johnine Larsen on March 19, 2015
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“The moment I met her, I knew I could trust her,” Keela said. We sold Keela’s house a few months ago (for $18,200 above asking!), and she volunteered to share her story about partnering with us. Again and again, Keela kept talking about trust. There are two types of trust, Keela explained:

Type 1: Trust that someone is honest and forthright and on your side.

Type 2: Trust that someone knows what needs to be done and how to do it.

“Johnine was both,” Keela said. “It was very clear that she had expertise in her field. She knows what she’s talking about, and she knows what she’s doing.”

When we partnered with Keela, we didn’t just list her house. We repaired and remodeled her home so it could fetch the highest price possible, and it worked. A house that originally would have sold for $380,000 ended up selling for $438,200. It meant weeks of scheduling and contracting, but we took care of all of it.

“I didn’t have to do anything except sign papers,” Keela said. “Johnine knew what needed to be upgraded and who to contact. And she didn’t charge for that. She just did it. But that’s not to say I didn’t ask questions; whenever I wanted to learn more, Johnine was more than happy to explain it to me.”

Keela listed the work we organized for her: one subcontractor for the floors, another for interior painting, a third for the fence. Two more for cleaning the chimney and general deep cleaning. There were so many, Keela couldn’t even name them all.

“Who do you know who you can trust to deal with nine different subcontractors?” Keela asked. “When I first came back, everything was painted. Then the floors were done. That was a significant change. I wish we could have done that while we lived there!”

All told, it took us only about six weeks to renovate and sell Keela’s house. Six weeks from the time Keela first called Johnine to the time she signed the final paperwork for a $438,200 sale.

“It went smoothly—I can’t say enough about that,” Keela said. “I was comfortable, at ease, and confident as Johnine did this process with me.”