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Introducing Mallory

Posted by Johnine Larsen on June 25, 2015
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The Real Estate Gals have a new gal! Mallory Victor has joined the team, and she’s already impressing clients with her guidance and thoughtfulness.

Mallory was born in a blizzard. Worcester, Massachusetts, 1984. Her family moved ten times before she turned eighteen. Her mother loved home improvement projects and decorating, so many of Mallory’s weekends were spent going to antique stores and open houses. She loved finding old canes and hats; she wanted to be Sherlock Holmes.

In 1997, Mallory took her first trip to Seattle. On her first day, like all the good tourists, she walked from Pioneer Square to the Seattle Center and back. Her tour guide, a Seattleite born and raised, showed her all the city’s secret nooks and crannies. Mallory was exhausted and in love.

She came back every summer for more, and once she earned a degree in Business and Entrepreneurship, she moved to Seattle full-time and began working in hospitality. Ten years passed, and as Mallory discovered her own nooks and crannies in the city, she made her way into real estate.

Real estate was a natural career move. Mallory loves helping people, and finding homes for them has proved to be interesting and rewarding work. This business is about friends and community, building relationships and keeping them strong. The reason Mallory moved to Seattle was to create a community for herself, and she’s excited to continue this endeavor with the Real Estate Gals.

She’s already made great progress. Mallory closed her first transaction this month and helped Kate and Jeremy buy a charming home in Columbia City. Here’s what Kate and Jeremy had to say about it:


An incredibly daunting prospect, Mallory made the overwhelming process of finding a Seattle home a truly fun experience. With every step of the way we felt as though we were treated like family, in thoughtful and capable hands. Our successful purchase would not have been possible without Mallory’s smart guidance, attention to detail, and caring approach. We couldn’t be more grateful to her for helping us find a home we never want to leave.

We couldn’t be happier to have this gal on our team. Mallory brings an enthusiasm and vibrancy that’s contagious; when you’re around her, you can’t help but feel good. She impresses clients and knows her stuff, and she’s helping us make our community even better.