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How Seattle Are You?

Posted by Johnine Larsen on August 29, 2018
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Two truths seem inevitable about Seattle:

  • The city keeps growing
  • People keep complaining about the city growing

This isn’t a new phenomenon. Locals have long been known for the “Seattle Freeze” we inflict upon newcomers. And the Fremont Troll was built as a statement against Californians moving to Seattle (making it tourist-attraction status a little ironic). Best of all, we found this gem—Almost Live‘s game show “that helps distinguish the locals from the implants!”


There’s a desire to keep the city in stasis—exactly as we remembered it in “the good old days.” Growth threatens that stability. But growth also brings new and good things. Newcomers are a natural byproduct of a fantastic city, and these newcomers aren’t taking away the city we love so much—they’re contributing to it, too.

Seattle is searching for a balance—keeping the best parts of the old and welcoming the best parts of the new. It’s a difficult balance, and it takes work (like the fight to save The Showbox). But it’s important to remember, especially is this age, that newcomers aren’t the enemy. We can share this city. Let’s build future Seattle together.