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Giving Thanks

Posted by Johnine Larsen on November 28, 2014
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thanksgiving-1We have a lot to be thankful for, we Real Estate Gals. So with our stomachs full of turkey and our voices still hoarse after yesterday’s game, we’d like to take a moment to give thanks. We could write pages and pages and still barely scratch the surface of all our blessings, so we’ll try to keep this short.

First off, we’re thankful for each other. Johnine, Gaile, Scott, Darcie. The four of us have worked together for quite a few years, and we’ve built our team into a well-oiled machine. But still, I often find myself pinching myself. I get to work with these people? Every day? It’s not some giant, Inception-style dream? I’m more than little biased, but I’ll say it anyway: our team is phenomenal. I’d go to the moon and back with these people.

Scott: “Happy Thanksgiving!! To the best clients in the world.”

We’re also, of course, thankful for Seattle. We get drop-dead gorgeous views of Mt. Rainier on clear days, and even on rainy days, we get that lovely smell of a saltwater wind. We have Russell Wilson and Macklemore. Canon and Golden Gardens. Semi-secret rooftop gardens and the S.L.U.T.

It’s a city that keeps getting better and better, with new parklets and Pronto! bikes and stair experts like Thomas Horton. From Belltown to Broadview, the Emerald City makes for one hell of a home.

Gaile: “Thanks to all our clients. Working with you over the past year has been a pleasure.”


We’re thankful for Mary’s Place, too. We know the importance of home better than anyone, and because of that, we’re all the more thankful for what Mary’s Place does: provide a safe, supportive home for Seattle’s homeless women and children. We’d also like to thank everyone who is working behind-the-scenes to make Agents of Change happen (stay tuned for more news about that!).

Johnine: “I am grateful for all the relationships I have forged over the years with so many wonderful people. My work allows me to expand my community every day and that is a gift.”

And last, but certainly not least: We’re thankful for our clients. For our first-time buyers and our experienced sellers and everyone in between.

thanksgiving-3We’re thankful for Kim and Brian, the world travelers who reminded us that no obstacle is impossible. For the long-lost Keela, who let us spruce up her house and sell for far more than she had ever hoped. For Kevin and Hannah, community-lovers after our own hearts. And we’re thankful for our hundreds of other clients, each one with his or her own story and personality.

I don’t know how we’ve managed it, but year after year, it seems like we get to work with the very best people Seattle has to offer.