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Erin C., Buyer, 2014

Posted by Johnine Larsen on April 10, 2014
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Johnine is a real estate rock star! As first-time homebuyers, my partner and I needed someone we could trust in the home-buying process. Johnine’s MANY years of experience shone through every step of the way – her skill at negotiation, her deep knowledge of the market, and her top-tier customer service to buyers were a winning combination. We ultimately won a multiple bidder situation, getting a great deal on a gorgeous home that we hope to live in for decades!

We bought during an incredibly competitive seller’s market, and it made a HUGE difference knowing we had a highly experienced, skilled negotiator on our side. Johnine was also incredible at helping us get down to ‘brass tacks’ on what we REALLY wanted in a home, and then she worked hard to make sure we got exactly what we were looking for. She never rushed us, and she was great at weeding out homes that wouldn’t resell or that needed too many costly repairs. She has deep knowledge of the Seattle market, and knows the neighborhoods and market values inside and out. She gave us great advice on what price was too much to pay. I would recommend Johnine to anyone who wants a fantastic realtor that can help them find and win their dream home.