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Why Darcie Does It

Posted by Johnine Larsen on July 17, 2014
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realestategals_wells_web“I’ve always been focused on homes,” Darcie will tell you.

She’ll probably give you one of her smiles, too. It’s a smile that makes you comfortable—or maybe that’s just Darcie. Within a few minutes of meeting her, you’ll realize that you have relaxed, and that things don’t seem so busy any more, or so stressful, or so urgent. That effect is one of the things we love about her.

Darcie grew up in Renton, a child of two parents who flipped houses. It seemed like she was always helping fix up a home—holding a 2×4, hammering nails, painting walls. Name a remodeling project, and Darcie did it. Her childhood served as an early education in the art of home improvement, and it set her firmly on the path to real estate.

Darcie gained an official education in that art when she left for college. She ran the gamut of good Washington schools, studying at WSU, UW, and Bellevue Community College, and eventually earning a degree in interior design. Like her parents, she loved the satisfaction that comes from making a home beautiful. After college, Darcie settled into North Seattle to begin working in real estate. She has now spent sixteen years in the field, and she’s mastered that art of home improvement.

If you ask Darcie about her greatest strength, she’ll say: “Making a house look as good as it can.”

We’re more than inclined to agree. Darcie keeps an inventory of staging furniture: pillows, towels, etc., as well as some larger items. Whenever a client’s house needs help, she dives into that inventory and goes to work. Her transformations are impressive. We’ll post some before/after staging photos in the coming weeks.

But being good at it is onlydarcie-wells half of why Darcie works in real estate. To quote Aristotle:

“Where your talents and the needs of the world cross; there lies your vocation.”


Darcie loves helping people buy, stage, and sell their homes. Real estate is her way of making the world better, one house at a time. She gets to meet different people—all sorts of different people—and in a matter of weeks, she can turn a nervous hope (“Will someone really buy my house at this price?”) into reality. Buying or selling a home is a necessary part of moving to a new phase of life, and there are few things Darcie enjoys more than making that transition clean and comfortable.

Here’s Darcie’s bio: https://realestategals.com//bio/darcie-wells/

And here’s her personal website: http://www.darcieshomes.com/