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Clients for Life

Posted by Johnine Larsen on March 5, 2018
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Houssam and Carole live in Ballard, in a house I helped them buy years ago. They’re wonderful people: kind and warm—the type of people I love working with, because helping people like that doesn’t feel like work at all. It just feels like helping friends.

They called me the other day for some remodeling advice. You can’t give decent remodeling advice without seeing the space in person, and even more importantly, I loved an excuse to see them again. We planned a visit.

Meeting with Houssam and Carole felt like a reunion. Lots of smiles and laughter and stories, complete with a plate of treats waiting for me. And my favorite part: I even got to meet Houssam’s parents. Like their son, they were kind, warm people.

Meeting Houssam’s father!

I took a look at their space, heard their hopes and plans and needs for their home, and gave all sorts remodeling recommendations—along with referrals to some of the best, most honest contractors in Seattle (once you spend 25+ years with contractors, you get to know the good ones). The day made me feel like the real estate version of the family doctor. I met the whole family, and I was able to help them long after our official relationship had ended. All in all: a perfect day.

My relationship with my clients isn’t just a business one—it’s a partnership for life. I’m invested in my clients’ well-being, and that sort of investment stays long after they settle into their homes. Remodeling advice? Updates on the housing market? Recommendations about loans or mortgages or any other financial questions? That’s what I’m here for. What’s the point of being an expert if I can’t use that expertise to help people I care about?

Houssam and Carole, thank you for a perfect day. And thank you for being perfect clients.