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As Vacancy Rates Rise, Seattle Rent Drops

Jan 16, 2018
This headline has been dominating the news lately. But it's not the whole story.
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Amazon is Multiplying — And What That Means ...

Sep 08, 2017
Amazon just announced its plan to establish a second headquarters in a new city, and that means big things for real [more]
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Friends and longtime clients!

May 22, 2017
Thank you so much for your continued support and referrals over the years—I’m so grateful! If there’s anything I can do for you, such as recommending contractors, advising you about your options in th [more]
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Seattle Home Prices Surge to #1

Jan 02, 2017
So long, Boston. Bye, D.C. Later (maybe), New York. Seattle passed all three of those cities this year in the race [more]
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Don’t Fall for Staging

Dec 13, 2016
Staging sells. If you’re listing a home, find someone who can professionally stage and arrange your house. Yo [more]
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Your Listing, My Mission

Nov 21, 2016
You know I’m not the type of Realtor who simply puts a sign in your yard and waits for offers. I make every listing [more]
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Buying a Second Home: Liberation or Handcuff...

May 09, 2016
Work is going well. You paid off the cars. Your spouse got a huge promotion. Your bank account keeps growing—and yo [more]
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How Do I Move Into a New Home?

Apr 05, 2016
This current market is scary, and everyone is wondering if it's even possible to move these days. Here's the truth: [more]
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Don’t Trust Real Estate Agents

Jan 25, 2016
Don’t trust real estate agents. Don’t trust the same promises you’ve heard a thousand times. Don’t close your eyes [more]
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State of the Market: Winter Report

Jan 20, 2016
Seattle’s real estate market keeps setting records. For sellers, all this record-setting feels like the work of Mic [more]
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Why the Lone Ranger DOESN’T Work in Re...

Nov 11, 2015
It’s impossible to handle Seattle real estate on your own. It’s just too much. Too much growth, too much change. To [more]
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A Seller’s Market!

Oct 02, 2015
Seattle homes have appreciated 6.6% in the past year. Some neighborhoods have even experienced double-digit appreci [more]
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