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Category Archives: Seattle Life and Culture

Pinball Wizard

Sep 27, 2017
Tucked away in the International District/Chinatown lies Seattle’s most interactive museum: The Seattle Pinba [more]
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Intersection or Hieroglyph?

Sep 01, 2017
Seattle’s streets—more specifically, Seattle’s intersections—are a little chaotic. Okay, very chaotic.  [more]
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Small-Town Outdoor Movie: This Friday!

Aug 07, 2017
One of my favorite parts about Seattle is that no matter how big or how fast it grows, this city still feels like a [more]
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How Will the Fast Ferry Affect Real Estate?

Jul 10, 2017
The new Bremerton fast ferry started today, and it could change the game for Seattle real estate. The trip across t [more]
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Seattle Breaks 122-Year-Old Rain Record

Apr 24, 2017
Sure, our city—which is already known for rain and grayness and Seasonal Affective Disorder—just broke a 122-year-o [more]
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Antique at 55

Mar 23, 2017
The Seattle Monorail turns 55 today, to much hoopla and reminiscing. It’s an iconic part of our city, even if [more]
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Why doesn’t “Capitol” Hill...

Mar 16, 2017
As I’m sure you all noticed, Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood doesn’t have a capitol. It’ [more]
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b’End Tunnel Walk

Mar 06, 2017
On Sunday, pedestrians replaced cars in a soon-to-disappear part of Seattle. The Battery Street Tunnel, located jus [more]
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Holy Home, Batman!

Feb 06, 2017
Churches, it turns out, make excellent homes. You can buy your own holy house on Vashon Island for $579,000, with a [more]
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Seattle’s $475,000 Illegal Treehouse

Jan 23, 2017
The most private home in Seattle is illegal. It doesn’t have an address No driveway, no access roads. It doesn’t ev [more]
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How Liberal is your Seattle Neighborhood?

Jan 12, 2017
You usually have to wait for election season to find out what your neighbors think. Then hundred of “Vote for [more]
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How to Get a White Christmas

Dec 22, 2016
I grew up in the Midwest, and part of me still misses those white Christmases. It looks like we won’t get sno [more]
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