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How to Avoid Post-Disaster Scams

Sep 14, 2020
Be wise to disaster-related charity scams. After a crisis, scammers inevitably try to make a quick buck by preying [more]
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7 Hikes for Seattle-Based Seniors

Aug 20, 2020
Ask someone what they love about living in Seattle, and odds are they’ll mention hiking. Unless they’re senio [more]
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High Point: From Gangs to Neighbors

Feb 13, 2020
People of all sorts live together peacefully in this master-planned West Seattle community of 1,500 homes, a place that just two decades ago was infamous for gunshots and police sirens.
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Seattle’s Oldest (and Forgotten) Cemetery

Oct 30, 2019
You can’t be buried in the Denny Hotel Cemetery. Not anymore. No one’s gone into the ground there since 1860, when [more]
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How to Celebrate Indigenous People’s Day in ...

Oct 10, 2019
A few ways to honor Indigenous People’s Day this year include:   Learning We don’t pretend to be experts [more]
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Tunnel Tolls Start Nov. 9

Oct 08, 2019
Tolling will finally start for drivers taking the SR 99 tunnel that replaced the Alaskan Way Viaduct. On November 9 [more]
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Seattle’s 1960s Fallout Shelter

Sep 27, 2019
If you’ve driven I-5 through North Seattle, you’ve passed above our city’s Cold War fallout shelter. The city [more]
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How to Survive Summer Without A/C

Aug 27, 2019
Odds are, your house in Seattle doesn’t have air conditioning. Only 33.7% of Seattle-area households come equ [more]
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Pianos in the Parks: New and Improved

Aug 04, 2019
13 artist-decorated pianos moved into Seattle’s parks this month, open to everyone. You can play these pianos for f [more]
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The Gold Card: Senior discounts across Seatt...

Jul 25, 2019
Seattle seniors who live on retirement savings or fixed incomes feel the pressure. Rising real estate values, incre [more]
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2,500 Years of Pre-European Real Estate

Jul 18, 2019
We live on the traditional land of the Salish Sea tribes. These tribes lived in this region since the end of the Ic [more]
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The Victorian House

Jun 05, 2019
I’ve seen this house a few times when driving through Queen Anne. Every time, I can’t stop looking at it. There’s n [more]
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