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Homeowner’s Insurance: The Basics

May 08, 2017
Homeowner’s insurance covers four things: 1. Your Home If your home is damaged by fire, hail, lightning, hurr [more]
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Rents: Seattle v. Greater Seattle

Feb 27, 2017
We’ve been hearing a lot lately about how high Seattle’s rents are. Fifth-highest among the U.S.’ [more]
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How can you afford a down payment?

Aug 01, 2016
Down payments can look impossible. Tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars—your stockpiled savings look downright [more]
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Buying a Second Home: Liberation or Handcuff...

May 09, 2016
Work is going well. You paid off the cars. Your spouse got a huge promotion. Your bank account keeps growing—and yo [more]
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Do I need a sewer inspection on a new home?

May 13, 2015
As professionals, we have to recommend sewer inspections. Failing sewer lines are unfortunately common. Our housing [more]
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Don’t Do This

Apr 29, 2015
Don’t do this: Don’t pay $717,000 for a 3-bed, 1-bath house. Don’t pay $158,000 above asking for a 1,100 sq-ft home [more]
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Sidestepping the Bidding Wars

Apr 23, 2015
We just sold a house for $60,000 above asking(!), but in this current Seattle real estate market, that’s far from u [more]
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State of the Market Address

Apr 17, 2015
It’s a once-in-a-generation real estate market in Seattle this year, with record-low inventory and unbelievable pri [more]
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