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$37,500 for Unhoused Holidays

Dec 01, 2020
Thank you! Our “Winter is Coming” fundraiser brought in a total of $37,500 to support Mary’s Plac [more]
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Winter Is Coming Fundraiser

Oct 01, 2020
2020 has already been a tremendously challenging time and winter really is coming this year. This coming season is [more]
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This is what “We Do More” looks ...

Jul 31, 2020
We do more than most real estate agents. We put in sweat before we put a listing on the market. Whether it’s [more]
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First-time Homeowners, Pandemic-style

Jun 02, 2020
Their home was under construction, just three weeks shy of completion. And then—shutdown. Construction stopped.
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Episode 5: The Perfect Pantry

Apr 16, 2020
The perfect pantry really CAN exist—and in your own home.
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Episode 4: Lisa Tames Wild Closets

Apr 09, 2020
Quarantine Challenge Because I think we could all use something fun—and helpful—to break us out of this coronavirus [more]
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Episode 3: The S-P-A-C-E Method

Apr 05, 2020
We’re committed to our “we do more” philosophy, even during COVID-19. We’ve partnered with professional home organi [more]
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Episode 2: How to Disinfect Your Home

Mar 27, 2020
In this episode, Lisa explains how to keep your home disinfected and COVID-free.
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How you and I can slow COVID-19

Mar 18, 2020
Each of us CAN play an important role during this outbreak. It might not be glamorous—it's certainly not the stuff [more]
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How to Prepare You and Your Home for COVID-1...

Mar 11, 2020
Even if you own your dream home, you run a high risk of cabin fever if you need to self-quarantine for two weeks. A [more]
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Our motto means something different today

Mar 10, 2020
We want to address a different part of what “community” means: our responsibilities to one another other OUTSIDE of [more]
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Behind the Scenes: We Gambled, and…

Mar 03, 2020
Updating a listing, especially this extensively, always carries some risk. Would this remodel actually raise the ho [more]
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