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New Bike Lanes Where We Need Them

Feb 13, 2018
Bicycles are great—in theory. You can skip traffic, savor fresh air, get some free exercise, and save the planet on [more]
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The Seattle Beach for Dogs

Jul 24, 2017
Only ONE beach in Seattle city limits lets dogs run off-leash. That’s Warren G. Magnuson Park in North Seattle, and [more]
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$2,000,000 for Our Neighborhoods

Feb 10, 2017
In March, project development teams in each district will evaluate ideas received based on need/impact/feasibility [more]
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The Best of Brutalism: Freeway Park

Jul 04, 2016
Brutalist architecture looks ugly. Exposed concrete and featureless slabs. Boring, but obtrusively so. The architec [more]
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Seattle Parks: Johnine’s Favorite Dog Park

Apr 21, 2015
Can you guess Johnine’s favorite dog park? Here are some hints: 80+ acres of trails and open space 4 acres(!) for o [more]
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Seattle Parks: Schmitz Park

Apr 14, 2015
Seattle has it all. Beautiful waterfront? Check. Bustling nightlife? Check. Old-growth forest? Check. That’s right, [more]
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Seattle Parks: Oxbow Park

Apr 08, 2015
Sorry, Texas. The world’s biggest cowboy hat and boots belong to us. Georgetown’s Oxbow Park, to be specific. It’s [more]
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