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5 Tax Deductions of Home-Ownership

Feb 14, 2017
We’ve entered tax season. I, for one, would rather have Round Two of the Holidays. But around this time each year, [more]
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Don’t Break the New Rental Laws!

Oct 24, 2016
For renters and landlords alike, major changes are happening to Seattle’s rental scene. We’ve outlined the most sig [more]
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8 Bookshelves of Summer Reading

Jun 22, 2016
It’s the season of beach reads and front porch novels! When we aren’t driving across the city showing h [more]
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How to Clean Every Type of Carpet Stain

May 23, 2016
Maybe you had renters. Maybe you had kids. Or maybe a guest dropped a glass of wine, or you spilled spaghetti, or y [more]
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West Seattle Clear Cutting

Mar 31, 2016
UPDATE: a $1.6 million lawsuit was filed in response to the illegal West Seattle tree-cutting; criminal prosecution [more]
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Martha Rosler: Housing is a Human Right

Mar 22, 2016
Martha Rosler’s art is right up our alley. She addresses Seattle’s housing issues head-on with all the beauty and c [more]
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Buying to Rent

Dec 17, 2015
If you’re buying a house to rent, your personal interests should take a backseat to the average renter’s. Maybe you [more]
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The 6 Essentials: Our New Homeowner Checklis...

Oct 29, 2015
You bought your first house! Congratulations! Take some time to vacuum at 3am, walk around naked, and celebrate wit [more]
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Prime Now, Wine Now

Aug 27, 2015
Seattleites, booze has never been more convenient. …for some of us. Amazon just launched—for the first time e [more]
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Rental Registration and Inspection Ordinance

Jul 02, 2015
Do you know the new rental licensing requirement, SMC 22.214 (Rental Registration and Inspection Ordinance)? The Re [more]
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Do I need a sewer inspection on a new home?

May 13, 2015
As professionals, we have to recommend sewer inspections. Failing sewer lines are unfortunately common. Our housing [more]
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Don’t Waste Money! The Dishwasher

Jan 22, 2015
Maybe it’s your first home. Maybe you did a cursory wipe-down and thought that was enough. Maybe you assumed all ap [more]
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