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Category Archives: Home Maintenance Tips

How to Afford Home Updates

Nov 23, 2021
Home updates can cost a lot money—which can often be prohibitive, especially with inflation and the recent increase [more]
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The 9 Coziest Fireplaces

Nov 15, 2021
It’s fireplace season, and we’re happy about it. Need we say more?           & [more]
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10 Impressive (and Inspiring) Home Libraries

Oct 26, 2021
As we settle into the dark, cozy season of fireplaces, chunky sweaters, and good books, our housing inspiration has [more]
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How much yard does your dog need?

Oct 12, 2021
Disclaimer: No matter how large the yard, your dog STILL needs regular exercise: fetch, laps around the yard with y [more]
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15 Autumn Homes to Inspire Your Interior Des...

Sep 28, 2021
As the leaves change, the days shorten, and the rain falls, we’ve been settling into the autumn ambience. It& [more]
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COVID Resources for Landlords and Homeowners

Jun 24, 2021
Today's blog post isn't light reading, but if you need help with your mortgage, these COVID resources can help you [more]
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The 12 BEST Backyard Firepits

Jun 06, 2021
Since so many of us are confined to our own property during the pandemic, we thought we’d share some of what’s insp [more]
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How an ADU could become your new revenue str...

May 05, 2021
Seattle’s ADU laws let homeowners develop their own properties into multi-unit lots. This can provide significant b [more]
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What Happened to Your Home’s Value?

Apr 08, 2021
COVID-19 changed everything. Including your home’s value. 
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Are hardwood floors worth the price?

Mar 28, 2021
Hardwood floors cost more for a reason. They’re simply the best flooring for most homes and for most homeowners. Bu [more]
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Festive Curb Appeal

Dec 19, 2020
We’re preparing for a quieter holiday season than usual this year. But even in 2020, we can still enjoy wonde [more]
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Our Favorite Home Offices

Oct 05, 2020
With nearly half of Seattle-area adults working from home during the pandemic, it’s no surprise that we’ [more]
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