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When a Listing Lies to You

May 16, 2018
I helped Anne and Su buy their first home last winter—they finally escaped what they called “the renter rat race.” [more]
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Relocating to Seattle? We’ll Help You ...

May 15, 2018
When you partner with the Real Estate Gals, you get an entire team working on your behalf. We’ve bought and sold ho [more]
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Clients for Life

Mar 05, 2018
Houssam and Carole live in Ballard, in a house I helped them buy years ago. They’re wonderful people: kind and warm [more]
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Your Price Guide to Cabin-Buying in Western ...

Feb 27, 2018
Cabins in Western Washington make for perfect retreats any time of year—if only for those who can afford to have on [more]
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How to Buy a House With Your Dog

Feb 14, 2018
Pets matter. Your dog isn’t just an animal, your cats have preferences and personalities, and really, pets are fami [more]
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State of Seattle

Feb 06, 2018
A report from the front lines of Seattle’s ever-changing real estate world: 1) The number of renters in Seattle has [more]
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Foreclosure is a Word You Should Never Have ...

Jan 23, 2018
A worst-case scenario after buying a new house: the economy turns, or you lose your job, or a medical emergency wip [more]
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As Vacancy Rates Rise, Seattle Rent Drops

Jan 16, 2018
This headline has been dominating the news lately. But it's not the whole story.
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Amazon is Multiplying — And What That Means ...

Sep 08, 2017
Amazon just announced its plan to establish a second headquarters in a new city, and that means big things for real [more]
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Down Payments: 20% down or 5% down and PMI?

Aug 15, 2017
The down payment—especially here in Seattle—intimidates many new buyers. I’ll de-mystify things a bit and sho [more]
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Of Millennials and Homes

Jul 03, 2017
“It’s impossible to own a home in this city.” “I’ll always rent.” “I can’t afford to buy in Seattle.” I hear this a [more]
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State of the Market: June 2017

Jun 12, 2017
Home prices keep rising, and buyers keep struggling. I’ve coached many clients through the arduous process of findi [more]
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