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Your Price Guide to Cabin-Buying in Western WA

Posted by Johnine Larsen on February 27, 2018
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Cabins in Western Washington make for perfect retreats any time of year—if only for those who can afford to have one. But buying your own remote cabin isn’t as cost-prohibitive as most people think.

Sure, a ski chalet near Leavenworth or a waterfront retreat on Orcas Island will cost upwards of half a million, but cozy cabins exist throughout this half of the state. Every county in Western Washington can give you a place to get away from it all, cozy up with thick blankets and a crackling fireplace, explore some hiking trails, and listen to the rain and the wind and the birds.

Estately analyzed 2017 cabin sales across the region and found the median sale price for each county. Like any almost other piece real estate, the most expensive cabins were those closest to major population centers. You’ll pay a premium to get a cabin in King County, within an hour’s drive of Seattle.

But if the point of your cabin is to escape, you’re in luck. The more remote an area is, the more affordable it is. When it comes to your wallet, off-the-grid beats convenient any day. Well, almost any day. The exceptions to this trend are San Juan and Island Counties. These are popular vacation destinations with abundant waterfront lots, and cabin-costs reflect that.

So where will your money go the farthest? Pacific County and Grays Harbor County are the most affordable. As a bonus, these counties border the Pacific Ocean, so along with your inexpensive getaway, you’ll also get easy access to the beach.

Of course, all the other determinants of listing price come into the equation—things like square footage, number of bedrooms, new or fixer-upper, etc—but the location gives you a ballpark figure.

If the prospect of a $140k cabin is churning up some new dreams and plans in your life, here are a few of my own favorite cabin-inspirations to keep you going.