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A Day of Bremerton Homes

Posted by Johnine Larsen on January 10, 2019
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I took a trip across the Puget Sound the other day to check out the Bremerton scene. I’ve kept close tabs on the market over there, especially in light of the Fast Ferry, so when one of my clients was considering a move, I jumped at the chance to investigate firsthand.

One thing I can tell you right now: listing photos do not do the place justice. This is both good and bad. Bad news first: Bremerton isn’t glamorous. It has its diamonds, particularly in neighborhoods like Sulphur Springs where extravagant homes hide out, and in the area right by the ferry where more upscale bars, restaurants, and parks congregate. But most of the town is rough. Compared to Seattle, Bremerton’s economy lags, as do its job opportunities and social offerings (and home prices). Things, on the whole, are a bit more run-down on that side of the water. The Puget Sound Naval Shipyard also dominates much of the coastline, thwarting those hoping to escape to pure nature.

But the good news: even with the Shipyard, Bremerton enjoys a much closer proximity to nature than most of Seattle. Trees, water, and views abound, and although Bremerton is not wilderness, it finds itself surrounded by swaths of undeveloped land you just can’t find on our side. And despite its reputation as a gritty, Navy town—it’s not all that, and it’s growing. Just looking at the housing market, I’d say it’s growing rapidly. If you want to get on the front of a movement, and if you want to dodge Seattle’s sky-high home prices, Bremerton has a lot going for it. Besides, you can always take the ferry to get in on Seattle’s concert, nightlife, and food/drink scenes.

A Bremerton diamond in the Sulphur Springs neighborhood.

I thought I’d share a few photos from this trip, the kind you wouldn’t find on a listing page. And if you really want a full Bremerton experience, let me know! I’d be happy to tell you more, and maybe even take another trip out there with you.

Okay, one typical listing photo. This house was too cute not to share.