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Behind the Scenes: Fall 2014

Posted by Johnine Larsen on October 21, 2014
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640px-Olga_Wisinger-Florian_-_Falling_LeavesThe real estate market always slows down this time of year. That spring rush has faded. People start to burrow inside, away from rain and clouds.

So what happens to us?

The day-to-day rush of making bids, coordinating inspections, and negotiating deals is no longer a full-time frenzy. We can actually breathe these days. We even have time to catch up on some of those things we had to push off during the spring and summer. Here’s a look into our Autumn lives:


We meet with future buyers and sellers often. Sometimes we’re preparing to list a house in the spring, other times, we’re introducing new buyers to the housing market. It’s a lot of prep work, but it lets our clients move at a slower, more comfortable pace. We also meet with people who are considering moving or remodeling. We analyze their specific situation and make recommendations. In short: this time of year is filled with meetings.


With more time on our hands, we can preview more houses. This lets us stay even more on top of the market—we know exactly what’s out there, which makes for great payoffs when recommending listings to our buyers and for sizing up the competition when we list houses for our sellers. Plus, previewing homes is fun. We appreciate a good house!


We have more time for marketing this time of year, which is actually pretty fun. Coming this November: a Real Estate Gals photo contest!

Seattle is beautiful, from Broadview to Belltown to Rainier Beach. Think of that cute coffee shop on the corner, or Fremont Ave. late at night, or the way your front yard looks when the sun hits the trees just right. For the We Love Seattle Photo Contest, we want to see those favorite neighborhood sights. This is your chance to share those everyday views that always make you smile, and it’s a chance to win some Facebook fame and delicious food in the process!

Prizes will include $100 at Ethan Stowell restaurants, $50 at Tutta Bella, and $25 at Red Mill Burgers. On top of that, we’ll be awarding fistfuls of Café Javasti gift cards! Stay tuned, and if you want to get ahead of the competition, start snapping some neighborhood photos!


marys-place-logoAgents of Change! Johnine is coordinating a philanthropic real estate guild to help the homeless women and children of Mary’s Place. We’re currently recruiting members, building a website, and finishing talks with Mary’s Place, but Johnine and Darcie have already donated $6,000 to Mary’s Place. Again, stay tuned. This fall is going to be awesome.


As member of the GSBA, we’re also donating to the GSBA scholarship fund, which awards scholarships ranging from $2,500 to $10,000 to LGBT students of all ages. This is a great program, and we’re thrilled to be part of it.


We do take breaks. Specifically, birthday breaks. Johnine celebrated her 60th birthday last Friday, and it was a blast. Karaoke, delicious appetizers, great drinks. We all made it out and sang, danced, and laughed late into the night.