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The 5 Point Cafe

Posted by Johnine Larsen on December 19, 2014
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800px-The_5_Point_CafeIf you’re in need of a truly “Seattle” dive bar experience, head over to 415 Cedar Street. The 5 Point Cafe has a near-perfect blend of good food, great value, and even greater quirk.

This bar has a very Seattle vibe, calling itself “a place accepting of everyone, except those who aren’t accepting of others.” And it’s got a sassy side, too, with one sign proudly claiming, “We cheat tourists and drunks since 1929.” Even in a city where dive bars aren’t exactly a rare commodity, The 5 Point keeps itself distinct–and because of that, it’s been a Belltown favorite for 85 years.

Claims to Fame:

banned-sticker-252x3001)  Dick Smith, son of the original owner, put a periscope in the men’s restroom. Guests get an unexpected view of the Space Needle, a view that also graces the pages of many city guide books.

2)  Smith also had bikini-clad roller-skating waitresses top off nearby parking meters and leave behind flyers on car windows crediting The 5 Point for the random act of kindness—a tradition still employed in nice weather!

3)  The current owner banned Google Glass before it was released to protect patron privacy and maintain that distinct, 5 Point vibe.

4)  Not to be overshadowed by eccentricities, The 5 Point has a longstanding reputation for serving drinks and diner fare 24 hours a day.

The Deals:

Happy Hour comes twice a day at The 5 Point! For the early riser, there is Morning Breakfast Happy Hour (6-9 a.m. every weekday), which features a selection of breakfast foods as well as drinks to start the day: Bailey’s and coffee ($5), Bloody Mary’s ($5), and Mimosas ($5).

Monday through Friday from 4-6PM is a more “traditional” Happy Hour, with prominent favorites well under $5: well drinks are $3.75, domestic drafts are $2, microbrews are $3, and who can argue with a cheeseburger or mac and cheese balls for $3.50?

The Food:

If you can get past the somewhat gritty atmosphere, you’ll be rewarded by the kitchen’s offerings!

The 5 Point’s menu is gratifyingly heavy on breakfast items, all available 24 hours and ranging from French toast in a special house batter ($7.25), to omelettes, to Seattle’s biggest chicken fried steak (11oz. for $14!). Vegetarian options include a curry tofu scramble ($12) and “No Huevos” Rancheros ($10.25).

If breakfast isn’t your meal, there’s a wide variety of sandwiches and burgers offered, or you can dine on one of the “5 Point Specialties,” which include BBQ ribs ($14), fish and chips ($11.50), meatloaf ($12), fried chicken ($14) and a grilled steak dinner ($16).

Still not your thing? There’s also homemade pie, courtesy of Bunny’s Baked Goods.


Photos by Justin Baeder and Ricardo Martins