DEMOGRAPHICS: Married couples without children families with kids, young singles
TYPES OF HOMES: Modern Homes and Condos, Turn-of-the-century Bungalows, Craftsman
COMMUNITY BLOG: Fremont Universe
LIBRARY: Seattle City Library Fremont Branch, located at731 N. 35th St., Seattle, WA 98103, Tel. 206-684-4084
FARMERS MARKET: Fremont Farmers Market, year round, Sundays 10- 5 pm, located at 400 N 34th St
(between N Phinney Ave & Canal St)
FAVORITE RESTAURANTS: Paseo, Kylie’s Chicago Style Pizza, Brad’s Swingside Cafe, Nana’s Soup House
FAVORITE COFFEE SHOPS: Simply Desserts, Lighthouse Roasters Fine Coffees, Canal Street Coffee

Welcome to the home of free spirits and a thriving arts community. And in Fremont, the art takes many forms.  Take a stroll on any given day and you may even bump into a statue or two: a rocket rising out of a street corner, a bust of Lenin, or “Waiting for the Interurban,” a bronze statue at the bus stop. There’s even a giant troll under the Aurora Bridge.

Fremont real estate ranges from modern homes and condo living to classic turn-of-the-century bungalows and craftsman houses. Many residences are lovingly restored, while many maintain their original old-charm form. Everything here is within walking distance: shops, restaurants and nightlife.

During the spring and summer months, weekends turn into an ongoing party. The Fremont Fair brings in artisans and farmers from all over the state, who gather to sell fresh produce and arts and crafts.  The Saturday night outdoor movie series projects classic favorite onto the side of a building. Bring your friends, family, a lawn chair and a picnic, and watch a movie under a canvas of stars. Fremont is also host to the annual Summer Solstice Parade -a high-color event that includes nude cyclists, belly dancers and an unforgettable parade.

Fremont is located at the north end of Lake Union and runs along the Lake Washington Ship Canal. The Fremont Bridge is an adorable orange and blue draw bridge that has opened and closed more than any other bridge in the world.

36th Ave Please click on the images below to view slideshow.

8124 24th Ave SW


8148 17th St SW
Highland Park


1309 S. Hill St.
Beacon Hill


3608 14th Ave W.
Queen Anne


12533 A 42nd Ave NE.
Cedar Park


1332 13th Ave S.
Beacon Hill


1745 NE 90th St
Maple Leaf


767 N 75th St
Green Lake

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