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THE Trick-or-Treat House

Oct 09, 2017
This isn’t your childhood trick-or-treating. Hauntlake Cemetery, Montlake’s spookiest house for sixteen [more]
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Property Crime: The Best Defense is a Good D...

Oct 03, 2017
Property crime happens. Burglary, larceny, theft, vandalism. It’s small-scale crime—until it happens to you. [more]
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Pinball Wizard

Sep 27, 2017
Tucked away in the International District/Chinatown lies Seattle’s most interactive museum: The Seattle Pinba [more]
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How Much Does It Cost to Maintain Your Home?

Sep 18, 2017
Home maintenance isn’t optional. Things break, no matter how good they seem now—and homebuyers and homeowners [more]
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Amazon is Multiplying — And What That Means ...

Sep 08, 2017
Amazon just announced its plan to establish a second headquarters in a new city, and that means big things for real [more]
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Intersection or Hieroglyph?

Sep 01, 2017
Seattle’s streets—more specifically, Seattle’s intersections—are a little chaotic. Okay, very chaotic.  [more]
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The End of Junk Mail

Aug 29, 2017
Every homeowner’s mailbox gets inundated with junk mail. Catalogues, credit card ads, weekly coupons. Marketi [more]
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Of Gals and Homes: Bungalows

Aug 24, 2017
Bungalows had their heyday in the early 20th century, but they recently experienced a surge in popularity. Bungalow [more]
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Of Gals and Homes: Queen Anne

Aug 17, 2017
Queen Anne, a type of Victorian style, was an architectural trend of the 1880s and 1890s. The ornate elements of th [more]
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Down Payments: 20% down or 5% down and PMI?

Aug 15, 2017
The down payment—especially here in Seattle—intimidates many new buyers. I’ll de-mystify things a bit and sho [more]
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Small-Town Outdoor Movie: This Friday!

Aug 07, 2017
One of my favorite parts about Seattle is that no matter how big or how fast it grows, this city still feels like a [more]
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No More Meter Readings, No More Surprises

Jul 28, 2017
Energy meters are changing across Seattle, and it’s for the best. Starting yesterday, new, advanced meters wi [more]
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