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Friends and longtime clients!

May 22, 2017
Thank you so much for your continued support and referrals over the years—I’m so grateful! If there’s anything I can do for you, such as recommending contractors, advising you about your options in th [more]
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The Final Walkthrough Isn’t Your Perso...

May 15, 2017
You just signed the paperwork! At long last, yes! After all the open houses, late-night searches through listings, [more]
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Seattle Home Prices Surge to #1

Jan 02, 2017
So long, Boston. Bye, D.C. Later (maybe), New York. Seattle passed all three of those cities this year in the race [more]
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A Prison Cell in the U District Costs $750/m...

Dec 19, 2016
Renting keeps getting tougher in Seattle. The latest: a 130-sq foot micro-apartment in the U-District. It only cost [more]
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Don’t Fall for Staging

Dec 13, 2016
Staging sells. If you’re listing a home, find someone who can professionally stage and arrange your house. Yo [more]
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Relocating? Find the Neighborhood for You

Dec 06, 2016
Seattle neighborhoods are far from cookie-cutter. Each one has its own personality, people, pros, and cons. If you& [more]
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Seattle’s Real Estate Market Fastest i...

Nov 18, 2016
Seattle’s real estate market is FAST. That means homes sell quick, and when something appears on the market, [more]
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How to Buy a House With Your Dog

Sep 08, 2016
Pets matter. Your dog isn’t just an animal, your cats have preferences and personalities, and really, pets are fami [more]
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Smith Tower: How to Lose Money

Sep 01, 2016
For one of the first times in its 102-year history, the newly bought, renovated, and reopened Smith Tower might ope [more]
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How can you afford a down payment?

Aug 01, 2016
Down payments can look impossible. Tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars—your stockpiled savings look downright [more]
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How Far Do Your Real Estate Dollars Go?

Jul 11, 2016
Home prices keeps rising. In fact, Washington State home prices are rising faster than in any other state in the Un [more]
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The Dwarf House

Jul 07, 2016
We usually keep our real estate focus on the Greater Seattle Area, but some houses are too unique to ignore. Case i [more]
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