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Stump Sweet Stump

Mar 30, 2017
We grow ’em big out here—trees, that is. We’ve all seen the Pacific Northwest’s giant evergreens [more]
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Are You Overpaying for Electricity This Year...

Mar 23, 2017
Higher-than-normal electric bill? Seattle City Light may have overcharged you. Yes, it’s been cold, and true, [more]
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Antique at 55

Mar 23, 2017
The Seattle Monorail turns 55 today, to much hoopla and reminiscing. It’s an iconic part of our city, even if [more]
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Kathleen A.

Mar 17, 2017
Darcie Wells is amazing in helping you think things through, and she offers all the resources that you need to make [more]
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Why doesn’t “Capitol” Hill...

Mar 16, 2017
As I’m sure you all noticed, Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood doesn’t have a capitol. It’ [more]
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A Community-Focused Church

Mar 09, 2017
Two Saturdays ago, I had a chance to support a great West Seattle church that’s doing some real good in my communit [more]
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b’End Tunnel Walk

Mar 06, 2017
On Sunday, pedestrians replaced cars in a soon-to-disappear part of Seattle. The Battery Street Tunnel, located jus [more]
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Rents: Seattle v. Greater Seattle

Feb 27, 2017
We’ve been hearing a lot lately about how high Seattle’s rents are. Fifth-highest among the U.S.’ [more]
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Seattle and Our Presidents

Feb 20, 2017
Seattle is making national headlines almost daily as “the epicenter of resistance to Trump’s Agenda.” O [more]
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Property Taxes Pay For… What Exactly?

Feb 16, 2017
King County’s median annual property tax payment is $3,824. What, exactly, does all that money pay for? Short answe [more]
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5 Tax Deductions of Home-Ownership

Feb 14, 2017
We’ve entered tax season. I, for one, would rather have Round Two of the Holidays. But around this time each year, [more]
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$2,000,000 for Our Neighborhoods

Feb 10, 2017
In March, project development teams in each district will evaluate ideas received based on need/impact/feasibility [more]
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